Passionate things

Do things not just because they are cool

  • IT Software Architecture
    • Focus on economic efficiency, fulfillment of requirements
    • Development of alternative solutions with customers.
    • Very interested in distributed systems that run independently and with low maintenance everywhere
  • IT Product Management and Planning
    • Requirements Engineering. Not only the necessary requirements, but the added values are important!
    • Integration of Products to the System Landscape of customers.

Currently working on

  • Requirements Engineering on Co-Existence and Integration Scenarios in Automotive Industry
  • IT-Consulting with focus on Market Communication Systems for the German Energy Market.

Also on offer

  • Software Development. Expert Skills in Java, but also able to do any other language.
  • Systems Administration. Expert Skills in Networking, Cloud and distributed Environments.
  • IT-Consulting. Take a step back and understand the process as a whole
  • Project Management. Finishing things

Past markets and projects

  • German Energy Market. IT Process Management, fixing up market communication systems, help on requirements. Working directly with the customers.
  • Financial and IT Security. Writing IT Security Concepts. Doing some requirements work mostly on management level. Reselling Identity Access Management Software
  • Media. Distributed Media Systems.
  • Insurance Companies. Just some IT-Development Projects.

Things that others definitely do better

  • Design, graphics and colors are in better hands with others
  • Marketing Stuff.